Parking, Shuttle & Taxi

In municipality on the south side of the Po Valley, in the Province of Modena knowing your way around is of utmost importance.


For guests coming by personal cars, parking is secured in the hotel garage. Upon arrival, it is necessary to submit the vehicle’s registration number so that the vehicle can be registered in the system.

You will receive a parking ticket that you will be able to use throughout your stay at the hotel.

Parking fee will be paid by the event organizer.

Shuttle service

Upon landing, shuttle service will be waiting for you on Bologna airport to take you to the hotel, PHI Hotel Canalgrande in Modena . Expected driving time of the shuttle is up to 60 minutes.

During your stay all transportation is organized keeping in mind your outmost comfort in getting from one destination to another. Shuttle service is not available for individual requests, only in cases of special importance or urgency.

Taxi service

In case you will need individual transportation, out of scheduled event agenda we would advise to use RADIO TAXI COTAMO or ask the hotel receptionist to call it for you.

Uber is available in Modena, but only Uber Black, meaning higher prices and nicer vehicles.