Gastro Experience

Lomo Restaurant

Lomo Restaurant is born from the passion for old Iberian cattle breeds selected from the best fields of the Iberian Peninsula. Its aim is to provide a different way of understanding of  the meat. The space has been designed to look like you are inside of a butcher shop and is divided into two spaces depending on your desire,  selected meats in “LOMO ALTO” which is considered to have the best beef in the city and “LOMO BAJO” where you can taste matured beef snacks and burgers.

El Nacional

El Nacional Restaurant in Barcelona is a home of unique dining experience that offers a selection of over 20 food and drink options from different regions of Spain. Housed in a beautiful modernist building, the restaurant is divided into different areas, including a seafood bar, a butcher shop, a tapas bar, and more. Guests can enjoy a variety of dishes such as paella, Iberian ham, Galician octopus, and Basque pintxos. The restaurant also has a cocktail bar and live music performances. El Nacional is a must-visit for those looking for an authentic taste of Spanish cuisine.

Top 5 Local Wines to Order in Barcelona

There is so much more to Spanish wine than just Rioja and Ribera! In fact, Spain is a home to more than 70 different recognized wine regions, 11 of which are in Catalonia! That means that all around Barcelona, exciting things are happening in the world of wine. You may be surprised to learn that many locals tend to drink regionally, often ordering wines that are produced right here in Catalonia.

If you’re looking for the best wines to order in Barcelona to really feel like a local, here are our top 5 picks.

1. Priorat

This wine, predominantly made from Garnacha and Carinyena grapes, benefits from the unique terroir of Priorat, characterized by its rugged, slate-rich soils and dramatic hillsides. This wine is the perfect way to treat yourself in Barcelona.

2. Penedès

Penedès wines are among the most popular wines to order in Barcelona. In addition to a diverse range of classic reds and whites, it is also one of the foremost producers of cava in all of Spain.

3. Montsant

Montsant became one of the most respected and largest winemaking regions in Catalonia. Many of its wines are perfect for enjoying back home after your trip to Barcelona has ended! Montsant is known for their young, fresh red wines. 

4. Conca de Barberà

Winemaking here dates back to Roman times but became especially important during the Middle Ages. This region is famous for its indigenous grape variety, Trepat. Traditionally used to make rosés; younger, more experimental wine makers have had great success making very elegant medium-bodied reds from this variety in recent years.

5. Alella

Alella wines were first produced during Roman times and went on to become the personal favorite wines of the court of the Kings of Aragón! These wines are typically light, young and fresh.