Souvenirs from Barcelona

Shortlist of memories to take home

Gaudi Wonders

Popular Gaudí souvenirs include items featuring his iconic designs, mini replicas of his famous buildings, hand-painted ceramics, jewelry, trencadís-style decor, books, gourmet treats, and architectural puzzles—each offering a piece of Gaudí’s artistic legacy to take home.”

Photo Frame Palau Güell

Golden handle Gaudi Mila mug

Park Güell lizards



Cava is a renowned sparkling wine from Catalonia, Spain, celebrated for its quality and distinct character. Crafted using traditional methods, Cava offers a delightful effervescence and a spectrum of flavors, ranging from crisp and refreshing to rich and complex.


Turrón in Catalan is a traditional sweet made of ground or whole almonds, honey, sugar and egg. It comes in a large rectangular tablet and is generally eaten all over Spain during the Christmas period. 

Romesco sauce

Romesco sauce is made 100% with natural ingredients and according to traditional recipe by Ferrer in Barcelona (Spain). It is a typical sauce from Catalonia, specifically from Cambrils, Tarragona. It is made from tomatoes, onions, ñoras, chilli, almonds and toasted hazelnuts.

A caganer figurine

Caga Tio, “Tió de Nadal” means “Christmas Log”, and often Catalan people refer to it simply as “El Tió” – The Log.

On January 6th, for Christmas the Tio de Nadal log poops presents after being fed and hit with sticks. The action of hitting the log to make it poop presents is called “Fer cagar el Tió” (make the log poop).