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Late October in Belgrade can be tricky, but upcoming weather forecast brings mild sunny days and chilly evenings.

The average daily temperature will be around 18°C and minimum morning/evening temperature up to 8℃.

We recommend wearing layers of cloth, jacket and waterproof shoes as optimal combination for comfort stay in this vibrant, cosmopolitan city.

Make sure to pack sneakers or other comfy shoes for exploring river sights and secrets of Belgrade underground during this Reunion mission.

Evening out can be a bit chilly regardless of Cabaret excitements.

We recommend smart casual as best dress code if you wish to dance the night away.



Balkan states, despite their national pride, can’t deny that they all have rakija in common.

A fruit brandy, rakija can be made from quince, pear, apricot, or peaches.
The Serbian national version, the most intense, is Šljivovica, made from the Damson plums that grow in abundance throughout the countr